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Optical Filters

Ursa BioScience offers a specially designed range of optical thin filters which have been especially designed for our fluorescent probes, a partnership with Omega Optical, world leaders in optical filters and thin film coatings.  Our filters, in combination with our fluorescent probes, allow users to design experiments with excellent spectral isolation and supreme stray-light rejection.  We offer 3 classes of filters today:

Long Pass Filters:  Ideal for isolating and collecting either fluorescence or phosphorescent emission.  We offer mounted 1 inch rounds.

Dichroic Filters:  Have been especially designed to fit all standard microscopes with dimensions 25.7x36 mm, allowing for efficient excitation and the filtering of fluorescence.  These rectangular filters can readily be mounted in a microscope filter cube, see mounting instructions.

Band Pass Filters:  Have been especially designed as an excitation filter for several of our fluorescent probe classes, for researchers using broad wavelength excitation sources.  These band pass filters are ideal for use with broad wavelength xenon arc sources in standard fluorometers.


Band pass filter from Ursa BioScience

Ring mounted 1 inch filter.


Dichroic filter from Ursa BioScience

Dichroic filter.