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Viscous Blue 2 Maleimide

Viscous Blue 2 Maleimide is a water soluble reactive form (Maleimide tag) of Viscous Blue 2™.

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Similar to the free fluorophore Viscous Blue 2™, Viscous Blue 2 Maleimide produces protein (and other) conjugates that can be excited from 300-420 nm, optimally at 360nm. Viscous Blue 2 Maleimide can readily be conjugated to the thiol groups of biolmolecules or interfaces, for studying local viscosity, protein-protein interactions, folding, or small molecule binding.

Viscous Blue 2 Maleimide is supplied lyophilized in a 5 mg quantity.

For optimum performance, probe vials should be stored at -2 to -8 °C when not being used.

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Viscous Blue 2 Maleimide™

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