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Ribose / Adenosine ProbesAR-Red Cuvettes cropped 2 x 2.46 inch 2

We offer a unique fluorescent probe for detection, cellular imaging, and/or quantitation of either Adenosine or Ribose, namely AR-Red. The probe can be used in either an absorption or Fluorescence manner. The probe can be excited over a broad  wavelength range, 450 – 575 nm, with an extinction coefficient, ε = 8764 M-1 cm-1 @ 502 nm. AR-Red readily binds either Adenosine or Ribose and shows a dramatic increase in the fluorescence emission, centered at 602 nm, which is ~ 20 nm red shifted from the strong fluorescence emission spectrum of AR-Red in the absence of either Adenosine or Ribose, ~ 582 nm.

The probe is sold dry (lyophilized) and can simply be reconstituted by adding EtOH/water/buffer. Vials should be stored at -20 C and away from light when not being used.

Image - AR-Red with and without 1.85 mM Ribose in 9:1 DMSO:PBS Buffer, pH 7.4. 

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Ribose / Adenosine Probes

AR-Red is a unique fluorescent probe...

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