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Phosphorescence (µS) and Conjugatable Phosphorescence Probes

We offer a patent protected unique range of organic Phosphorescence Probes with microsecond (µS) decay times (lifetimes).  We offer probes which are both highly water and sparingly water soluble for your every need: including phosphorescence based imaging; O2 sensing; protein tumbling and segmental motion observation; as a transduction element for collisional sensing and as a sensitizer of Singlet Oxygen generation (1O2).

We also offer a unique range of high quality Phosphorescent Probes for labelling / conjugating to biomolecules. We offer both a carboxylic acid (-COOH) and hydroxyl –(OH) derivative of our very long lived Methuselah Green Phosphorescent Probe, ideal for conjugation to biomolecules and/or for off-gated imaging.

Our Phos hydroxyl™ Phosphorescence Probe is similar to the Methuselah Green Probes, but with a shorter lifetime, < 100 µS.

Our non-conjugatable Phosphorescent Probes are sold dry and are simply reconstituted by adding water/MeOH/EtOH and/or buffer. One vial of our Phosphorescent Probe will typically allow for 10 measurements to be undertaken, when further diluted into 3 cm3 volumes within a cuvette. Our conjugatable Phosphorescence probes are supplied dry and lyophilized in 1 and 5 mg quantities.

For optimum performance, probe vials should be stored at -2 to -8 C when not being used. Probe solutions should be used after dilution.

Read more about Ursa BioScience's Phosphorescence Probes in our probe technology section for conjugatable and non-conjugatable derivatives.