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492LP – A 492 nm Long Pass Filter

Ideal for excitation < 490 nm, and the collection of fluorescence / phosphorescence > 492 nm.

Sales price: $200.00


This long pass filter is supplied as a 1 inch round filter.

Can be used with the following Ursa Probes: Cyanide Orange; Cyanide Red; Viscous Green 1; DCVJ; Viscous Aqua; Viscous Red; Fluorescein; wt-GFP from Aequorea and Rhacostoma GFP.  Also can be used for isolating the phosphorescence of Phos 1; Phos 2; Methuselah Green 1 and 2, Methuselah Green Carboxy; Methuselah Green Hydroxyl and Phos Hydroxy.


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