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Magnesium (II) Probes

Mg 510We offer a range of absorption and fluorescent-based probes which are both sensitive and specific to dissolved Magnesium (II), i.e. Mg2+ ions.

Our Magnesium 510™ turn on fluorescent probe can readily be reconstituted by adding either CH2Cl2 or CHCl3 to our vials, which is then added in 5 µL volumes, to larger water/ethanol mixtures (your sample). One vial of one of our magnesium probes will typically allow for 10 measurements to be undertaken, when further diluted into 3 cm3 (3 ml) volumes within a cuvette.

We offer our magnesium probes in our standard vials.

For optimum performance, probe vials should be stored at -2 to -8 C when not being used and < -20 C° for longer term storage. Probe solutions should be used after dilution.

An Ursa BioScience short video describes our reconstitution procedure.

Read more about Ursa BioScience's magnesium probes in our technology section.

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