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Ferrum 430™ in a 96-well format (For Fluorescence)

We have packaged Ferrum 430™ into a 96-well kit format, ideal for use with 100, 200 and 300µL well volumes. In this kit, we supply i) One black 96-well plate; and ii) A vial of Ferrum 430™.

Sales price: $399.00


Ferrum 430™ is a unique fluorescence probe, that is selective for Iron (Fe3+) over other dissolved cations, that can both detect and quantitate dissolved Iron (Fe3+ ions). Ferrum 430™ is not influenced by Fe2+ ions, enabling the two forms of Iron to be readily distinguished by this remarkable fluorescent probe.

Ferrum 430™ can be used in both an absorption or fluorescent manner to either detect or quantitate Fe3+ concentrations. Ferrum 430™ readily chelates (binds) iron (Fe3+) in a 1:1 ratio, as a function of time, but is not influenced by Fe2+ ions. In this 96-well kit format, a 96-well plate and a vial are supplied, allowing up to 96 Fe3+ measurements to be undertaken in a Fluorescence-based manner, using a standard fluorometer.

Ferrum 430™ is a turn-on fluorescent sensor, meaning that the solution fluorescence increases as a function of the concentration of dissolved Iron and as a function of time. Ferrum 430™ can readily be excited over a broad wavelength range from 280-400 nm with an extinction coefficient of 23 000 ± 3 000 M-1 cm-1 at 386 nm. The fluorescence emission is very strong in the presence of Fe3+ ions, centered at ~ 430 nm.

The Ferrum 430™ in this kit is sold dry and is simply reconstituted by adding CHCL3. This is the reconstitution solvent only, which is then added to an ideal solution of 90:10 (Ethanol:water, V:V), which contains your iron sample, although other ethanol:water mixtures can also be used. One vial of this probe will typically allow for 98 (300µL well volume) measurements to be undertaken. Typically, 500 µL of CHCL3 is added to the Ferrum 430™ vial for its reconstitution. 5µL of this solution is then added to each well, for 300 µL final volumes; ~ 3 µL for 200µL and 1.5 µL for 100 µL final well volumes.

For optimum performance, the kit should be stored at -2 to -8 °C when not being used and < - 20 °C long term. Probe solutions should be used after dilution.

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Ferrum 430™ MSDS

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