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Rhacostoma Green Fluorescent Protein (R-GFP)

Rhacastoma Green Fluorescent Protein (R-GFP)Ursa BioScience offers the highly novel Green Fluorescent Protein, Rhacostoma; which has exceptional and unique fluorescence properties, many superior to the classic Aequorea GFP. Rhacostoma is not available from anywhere else in the world today.

Rhacastoma GFP has been cloned from the United States east coast jellyfish Rhacostoma atlantica. It is a dimeric protein which expresses well in bacteria such as E. Coli., and due to its excellent excitation maxima at 466 nm, it is exceptionally luminescent in room light

With an amino acid sequence 45 % different from its nearest phylogenetic neighbor, this remarkable protein has significant potential in the life sciences, many applications of which will be released in the coming months.

Learn more about Rhacostoma GFP in our GFP technology section.

Our Rhacostoma GFP samples are prepared and stored in 10 mM Tris buffer at pH 8.0, with < 0.02 % NaN3. Our sample vials can be stored at -20 C in an undiluted form.

We currently offer GFP in 2 sizes, 50µg and 200µg respectively. Larger quantities are available on request from

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Rhacostoma Green Fluorescent Protein (R-GFP)

We offer the highly luminescent...

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We offer the highly luminescent...

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