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Affinity-Free Anti-Native GFP Polyclonal Antibody - 1 mg

Ursa BioScience applies a non-affinity method for purifying rabbit IgG. We refer to the method as "A-free-IgG" as no affinity technique is needed to provide up to 94% pure IgG from polyclonal antiserum from rabbits. UB-GFPab5 is our “A-free” polyclonal antibody raised in rabbits against highly-purified native GFP from Aequorea victoria. It is reactive with GFP and GFP fusion proteins from both native and recombinant sources. This anti-GFP recognizes all variants of A. victoria GFP induced in transformed organisms, including all vertebrate species tested.

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Ursa Bioscience applies a treatment with ammonium sulfate to produce, following chromatography on CL-Sepharose 6B, a ~ 94% or higher pure IgG with no more than a trace of IgM, selectively removed by the ammonium sulfate treatment and the gel filtration step.

Purity: 94 % by SDS gel.

Applications: Immunoblotting: 1:1,000- 1:5,000 dilution, using colorimetric detection (Peroxidase/TMB), with higher dilution possible using more sensitive detection methods.

ELISA: 1:2,000 – 1:10,000.

Titer: UB-GFPab5 titers to 1/10,000,000 using an alkaline phosphatase and nitroblue tetrazoliumassay.

Our Affinity-Purified Anti-Native GFP Polyclonal Antibody samples are stored in 10mM Tris buffer, pH 7.2, 0.01 % NaN3. Our sample vials can be stored at -20 C in an undiluted form, for up to 24 months after the receipt date. We strongly recommend against repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

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