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Fluoride Probes

Ursa BioScience offers an absorption (colorimetric) and fluorescence emission wavelength ratiometric fluoride fluorescent probe, which responds to dissolved fluoride over the concentration range 1-300 mM F-.

Fluo-Green™ shows an absorption wavelength ratiometric response to dissolved fluoride in the 325 – 450 nm wavelength range and a fluorescence emission wavelength ratiometric response from 400-700 nm.

Ursa BioScience also offers a Control Fluoride Fluorescent Compound for Fluo-Green™. Our Fluo Green C™ has the same chromophore fluorescent backbone, but is only very mildly influenced by fluoride. For researcher's undertaking dissolved fluoride analysis, Fluo-Green C™ allows for any background interference of the parent fluorophore Fluo-Green™ to be corrected for, while not changing any fluorescence instrumentation or filter/ monochromator settings. Subsequently, Fluo-Green C™ does not show any ratiometric response to fluoride ions. Fluo-Green C™ can be readily excited ≈ 400 nm, with an emission centred at 560 nm. Both the parent and control compounds have high quantum yields ≈ 0.5, making them ideal for fluorescence-based dissolved fluoride ion detection.

Ursa BioScience™ also offers a quick convenient fluoride sensing kit, featuring both Fluo-Green™ and Fluo-Green C™. Our Fluo Green and C Kit contains 100 1-1-4 cm UV cuvettes, 80 of which are preloaded with Fluo-Green™ and the control compound, Fluo-Green C™. The probe concentration within the cuvettes has been adjusted to give an optimized signal after the addition of 3 ml of the sample containing the fluoride to be detected / quantitated. Ursa BioScience™ offers technical support with all our detection kits, from the correct spectroscopic choice of probe to data analysis. Please e-mail our team members at to discuss your fluoride-sensing needs.

Our fluoride probes are conveniently sold dry and are simply reconstituted by adding deionized water / MeOH. One vial of our probe will typically allow for 10 separate aqueous fluoride measurements to be undertaken, when further diluted into 3 cm3 volumes within a cuvette.

Read more about the significant advantages of our fluoride ion detection technology.

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Fluoride Probes

Fluo-Green C™ is the control compound...

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Fluo-Green™ is a modestly water soluble...

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