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Copper (II) Standards

We offer a range of Copper Standards, which are ideal for calibrating our Copper Fluorescence Probes. We currently offer two Copper Standards Kits, ideal for calibration over 2 different Copper concentration ranges. Each kit contains 6 vials with ≈ 7.5 ml of aqueous Coppper solution in each, pH 7.0.

  • Low-Copper Concentration Kit (1-50 µM)
  • High-Copper Concentration Kit (1-500 µM)

Each kit contains 6-vials, of ≈ 7.5 ml aqueous Copper standard, i.e. Cu2+. This kit is compatible with our Ursa 520-R™ fluorescent probe.


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Copper Standards

High-Copper Concentration Kit (1-500...

Sales price: $199.00

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Low-Copper Concentration Kit (1-50...

Sales price: $199.00

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