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Contrived Tears with MMP-9 Kit

Our MMP-9 Kit, features six 1 ml v-shapped vials with differing MMP-9 levels. Our Contrived Tears (Artificial Tears) with MMP-9 (an inflammatory marker) have subsequently been developed from the many components known to be present in tears, balancing protein, salt, glucose and pH alike, in line with widely accepted tear formulations. Our MMP-9 Kit offers the same tear formulation as our standard tears (osmolarity - 300 mOsms/L, pH 7.4, 200 µM Glucose), but with varying concentrations of MMP-9, levels known to be found in regular and inflamed tears, 5 (regular), 25, 50, 75, 150 and 300 ng/ml. Our MMP-9 Kit is the ideal solution for both your diagnostic and calibration research needs.

All our contrived tear vials should be stored closed at 4-8 C and have a shelf life of 4 weeks after opening.

All of Ursa BioSciences’ tear products are contained in specialized glass vials to maintain pH and osmolarity.

For researchers performing light sensitive measurements, we also offer our MMP-9 Kit in amber vials.

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Contrived Tears with MMP-9 Kit

MMP-9 Kit, features six 1 ml v-shapped...

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MMP-9 Kit, Amber vilas, features six 1...

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