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Protein-Brite™ 5 ml

Protein-Brite is a ready to use anti-fade solution, specifically formulated for enhancing the photostability of fluorescent proteins, either in culture medium or solution.

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Protein-Brite is a ready to use anti-fade solution, which protects fluorescent proteins against photobleaching across the visible spectrum.  Protein-Brite is a colorless non-toxic solution with a viscosity very similar to that of water.  Protein-Brite can be added to culture media 15 mins before imaging, or directly to solutions of fluorescent proteins just before imaging.

Protein-Brite is supplied as a liquid in an amber colored vial with dropper.  Protein-Brite should be stored at 1-3 C when not being used.

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Protein-Brite™ 5 ml

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