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Aluminium Probes : Ursa 520-R™

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Ursa 520-R™

Ursa 520-R™ is a highly sensitive probe for dissolved Aluminum ions that can be used to both detect and quantitate Aluminum. The probe can be excited from 300-400 nm with a ε ~53900 M-1 cm-1.

Sales price: $299.00


Ursa 520-R™ readily chelates dissolved Aluminum ions and subsequently shows a fluorescence ratiometric response in the presence of Al3+, meaning that one of the two fluorescence bands decreases in intensity, while the other increases in intensity. The magnitude of these changes occurs for higher / lower Al3+ concentrations as well as over a period of time. A ratiometric value and therefore the Aluminum concentration, can subsequently be determined by taking a ratio of the fluorescence emission intensity at 450 nm, divided by the numerical value at 560 nm, and then comparing to a calibration chart, where these ratio values have been predetermined using known Aluminum concentrations (Aluminum standards). Ursa BioScience also supplies Aluminum standards. Ursa 520-R™ is also responsive to dissolved Cu2+ and Fe3+ ions, but does not respond to other ions in any notable way.

Ursa 520-R™ is sold dry and is simply reconstituted by adding either CH2Cl2 or CHCl3. This is the reconstitution solvent only. which is ideally added to a ≈ 90/10 % ethanol/water mixture (v/v). One vial of our probe will typically allow for 10 aluminum sensing measurements to be undertaken; 50 µL of solvent is typically added to each dry vial. Subsequently, ten 5 µL aliquots diluted to 3 cm3 (a 3 ml volume) separately, typically give an optical density > 0.05 at 370 nm.

For optimum performance, probe vials should be stored at -2 to -8 °C when not being used and < - 20 °C long term. Probe solutions should be used after dilution.

An Ursa BioScience short video describes our reconstitution procedure.

Read more about Ursa BioScience's Aluminum probes.   Ursa 520-R™ MSDS material-safety-data-sheets-msdsthump