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alumen 450

Alumen 450™ dissolved in 90:10 water:ethanol (vol-%) with 100 μM Al3+ added to the left cuvette.


Al Blue cuvettes 2

Selectivity of Alumen 450™ for Al3+ ions, (front center cuvette), Vs other ions shown in Figure 4. All ions were 100 µM concentration, Alumen 450™ was 5 µM.


Alumen Blue box of 100 prepacked cuvettes.

Alumen 450™ is available in prepacked cuvettes. See on-line store for more information.


Ursa BioScience also offers Aluminum standards supplied in six vial kits, containing approximately 7.5 ml of precisely specified Al3+ concentrations. These standards offers the user a fast, reproducible, and cost effective technique to record calibration data. Our standards can be stored on the bench top, at room temperature, with the vial cap tightly closed.

























 Cuvettes showing AlNO3 on UV light box

The left cuvette shows a sample of 11.0 μM Ursa 520-R™ dissolved in 90:10 EtOH:H20 and placed on an UV-Lightbox. The contour emission spectra recorded for this sample is shown in panel A below. The cuvette to the right shows the same sample, but after 5 equivalents Al3+ were added. The contour emission graph is shown in Panel B below.


Ursa 520-R™ ContourPlot

Contour plots recorded for Ursa 520-R™ at 11.0 μM concentration witout (panel A) and with (panel B) 5 equivalents Al3+. The corresponing samples, i.e. the cuvettes, are shown in the image on top of this column.


Ursa520-R with Al

Time-dependent absorption spectra (0-60 min) recorded for Ursa 520-R™ at 3.0 μM concentration mixed 15 equivalents Al(NO3)3. The arrows indicate the spectral trend with time. Panel A and B shows the same data but on different scales.

Ursa 520-R with aluminium

Ratiometric curves constructed for Ursa 520-R™, with different concentrations of Al(NO3)3 as indicated, by dividing absorbance value observed at 255 nm by that observed at 370 nm.








Mg 510

Cuvettes containing ~1 μM Alumen 470™ dissolved in ethanol. The cuvettes are placed on an UV light box and illuminated from below at 365 nm. The cuvette on the right contains an additional 20 uM Al3+, which is approximately 20x. Corresponding contour graphs can bee seen in Figure 10.


Ursa standard prodcut vial

Alumen 470™ is supplied dry in a prepacked vial for easy reconstitution. Visit our Online Store for current pricing. A short video shows our reconstitution procedure.