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Methuselah Green 2™ is a strongly Phosphorescent probe. The Fluorescence band of Methuselah Green 2™ can be excited in the region 300-380 nm, with the Phosphorescence, T1, band excited 290-350 nm.


Visual comparison of Phos 1 dissolved at the same concentration in methanol (left cuvette) and in glycerol (right cuvette). The cuvettes are placed on a UV light box and illuminated from below.

Cuvettes with the phosphorescent probe Phos Yellow dissolved in glycerol and in ethanol. The emission from the glycerol sample appears yellow when illuminated with UV light, from the ethanol sampe there is no visible emission.

Phos Yellow™ dissolved at the same concentrations (~5 µM) in air equilibrated glycerol (left cuvette) and in ethanol (right cuvette). The cuvettes are illuminated from below with UV light.