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Welcome to Ursa BioScience

Ursa BioScience focuses on the commercialization of advanced fluorescence spectroscopic and ophthalmic tools / consumables  for the life / bio-sciences, medical diagnostics, forensics and industrial processes.  With an exceptionally strong in-house scientific team and world-renown external consultants in fluorescence, synthetic organic chemistry and ophthalmology, Ursa BioScience is well positioned to deliver advanced solutions to complex problems.

Over the last several years Ursa has developed and commercialized a whole range of fluorescent probes and intelligent molecular sensors, with a patent protected and diverse set of properties. Our probes are unique and can not be found anywhere else in the world today. For example, our "Nanometrology" Fluorescent Anisotropy Probes are capable of sizing nano to meso-sized particles / proteins using both time-resolved and steady-state luminescence disciplines.  Our molecular engineered probes are cable of sizing silica particles, as small as with a 3 nm radius and applicable to a range of silica surface chemistries.

Our advanced range of Conjugatable Probes, allow fluorophore’s with varying fluorescence lifetimes to be covalently linked to either biological materials (e.g. proteins) or amorphous materials / nanoparticles, readily allowing a broad dynamic range of particle sizes and volume to be determined in a reliable and reproducible manner at an affordable cost, particularly for customers considering high through put analysis.

Ursa also offers a unique range of fluorescence-based molecular rotors (viscosity probes), which are ideal for cellular viscosity measurements and with broad viscosity dynamic ranges, can be excited from the UV to the visible.

We offer numerous standard and specialized Contrived (Artificial) Tears, which have become popular with ophthalmic researchers around the world today. Our Tears are particularly useful for researchers wanting a tear formulation which is very similar to that of human tears, but at a low cost.

Our range of Medical Probes, readily allow for glucose, serum chloride, iodide, pH and fluoride to be determined, while our Forensic / Homeland Security Probes allow free cyanide to be both detected and quantitated.  We are continually expanding our product range and expect to significantly advance our portfolio and products in the coming year through further academic and industrial relationships.


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